What library supports are available?
Although the library locations are closed, Mount Allison’s “Virtual Library” is open. Online resources are still accessible and librarians are available to help you with your research and with locating resources for your final assignments. Contact information for subject librarians and details about the types of assistance available can be found at:

Are classes taking place?
Beginning March 16, 2020, all in-person classes will be suspended for the remainder of the academic term and some students may choose to go home. Students will receive more information about a completion plan for each course from each instructor by March 20. Please monitor your Mount Allison e-mail account for these important messages. Faculty will be communicating to students in courses with scheduled final examinations the alternative arrangements that will be used to complete that component of the academic work for a given course. Students will not be recalled to campus for a final examination period.

Are there any circumstances in which students may have to stay at Mount Allison to fulfill academic requirements?
No. The University will work with faculty members to find ways to accommodate academic requirements using alternatives that do not require students to be on campus. Some students may wish to stay, to continue with research work or to use on-campus facilities that remain open.

Will students be able to complete the term?
All students will have a pathway to complete each course and gain full academic credit for it. Students will have to take responsibility for their studies and complete assigned work successfully by assigned deadlines to ensure successful completion of each course.

What do I do if I am facing a difficulty in meeting a deadline or completing an assignment?
If you are having difficulty in meeting a deadline or completing an assignment, please reach out to your faculty member to explain your situation and seek accommodation.

How will changes to course outlines be determined?
Normally, changes to a course outline would be discussed between a faculty member and a class. In the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, this practice will not be practical in many cases. Faculty members have been granted permission by the provost to change their course outlines as necessary and may do so without class consultation. They will, however, communicate any changes to each class as soon as possible.

What student supports are available?
We are committed to providing ongoing student support services in alternate delivery modes. Updated information can be found on our modified services page.

Has the withdrawal period been extended?
If you feel that completing a given course is impractical, the University Senate has extended the deadline by which students can withdraw from any course without academic penalty to Tuesday, March 31, 2020. This change is designed to provide flexibility for students in completing the term. It should not be made lightly, however, as you cannot re-enrol in a course once withdrawn. Please ensure that you consider the implications of withdrawing from a course, as it may impact academic progression, scholarships, student loans, and immigration status. It may be prudent to seek academic advising prior to withdrawing. Visit our modified services page for more information on how to access academic advising services.
This change is for the Winter 2020 academic term only:

  • All students registered during the Fall and Winter terms may withdraw without academic penalty from a 3-credit course before the end of the day on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.
  • All students registered during the Fall and Winter terms may withdraw without penalty from a full year 1, 3, or 6-credit course before the end of the day on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.
  • All other academic calendar regulations remain in effect.

Will Convocation take place as scheduled?
The in-person Convocation ceremony and Alumni Reunion Weekend celebrations scheduled for May 8-11, 2020 have been postponed. A committee has been struck to develop a plan to celebrate the graduating class. The University is also exploring how to move ahead with conferring degrees, which is important for students who are applying for work or to graduate programs. Further details will be shared as they become available.

Are spring and summer term courses going ahead?
No decision has been made on spring and summer term courses at this time and no decision should be expected before March 27 at the earliest.



Are residences and the dining hall open?
Residences will remain open. The dining hall will continue to operate but will be open only to students with a meal plan. Dining hall staff are taking additional measures to prevent the spread of illness:

  • Increased frequency of cleaning for high-touch areas such as tabletops, chairs, floors, and food stations
  • Food at all stations will be served by staff (rather than self-serve)
  • Napkin holders and salt and pepper shakers will be moved to a central location so they can be cleaned and exchanged regularly
  • An additional hand sanitizing station has been added in the dining hall (in addition to the existing one at the entrance desk)
  • Tables are being re-arranged to increase space between people and reduce density
  • Anyone eating in dining hall is encouraged to use hand sanitizer before entering the main dining area and to spread out throughout the dining hall, including seating on the mezzanine area.

Should residence students move out?
Residences and the dining hall remain open, but we encourage those who can move out to do so.  We request that those students who are able to move out, do so by March 22.  Visitors will be allowed on campus to assist students with move out.

Please be assured that anyone  who cannot return home for reasons such as international travel restrictions or serious personal reasons will continue to be provided accommodation.  Students who wish to continue to access University resources (such as the Library, labs, music practice rooms, art studios, etc.) will also be permitted to remain in residence.

For students’ continued safety we reserve the right to move students to another residence. Students in residence can expect to receive additional information about proper checkout procedures by e-mail.

How do I check out of residence?
Contact an RA, AD, or your don to let them know you are leaving. Your don will inspect your room and check you out of residence. Return your room keys if you are in Campbell Hall, Harper Hall, or Hunton House.

All students must complete the room inventory checklist on the Housing Portal at:

You are responsible for packing up all personal items and removing them from your room. Clean your room as much as possible and remove garbage. Items for recycling can be left in the main lounge. If you are returning to live in residence in the fall, summer storage is available.

The University is closed. Can I still pick up a student from residence?
Yes, visitors will still be permitted on campus to assist students with move out.

I have requested to stay in residence past March 22. What happens after March 22?
For the safety of all those remaining in residence past March 22, students will be consolidated into a limited number of residence buildings. If you are required to relocate, you will be notified by the end of day on Friday, March 20, with your new building and room assignment. You will also receive information on moving procedures and available assistance by e-mail, so please continue to monitor your e-mail account for updates.

These consolidated residences will house students until the end of the current housing contract, April 19, 2020.

What if I require housing after April 19?
Students requiring housing past this date may request accommodations through our Summer Accommodations operations at Information on pricing will be provided upon request, in the near future.

Will I have access to all amenities in residence after March 22?
Public Health is issuing new safety recommendations and guidelines daily. In an effort to comply with these guidelines, you may see restrictions to some amenities available in residence. In-house fitness rooms and community kitchens may be closed, and there may be additional restrictions placed on community gathering spaces.



What is Mount Allison doing to support Mount Allison students whose home countries are affected by COVID-19 travel advisories?

For students who are concerned about returning to their home country during the summer months, and do not have housing in Canada, Mount Allison’s Housing & Conferences Office will make available summer accommodation options in University residences. Please contact for more information.

What should I do if I’m affected by travel restrictions when leaving my host country?

If students are unable to depart their host country or return to their home country as a result of travel restrictions, students should contact Mount Allison’s International Centre at

What happens to internal grants and travel awards for students who have applied to do summer research or internships?
Any internal funds awarded to students whose international research or internships are cancelled this summer because of COVID-19 travel advisories can be deferred one year.  Please contact for more details.

What is Mount Allison doing to support students who are currently on exchange?

Mount Allison’s study abroad and exchange co-ordinator has been in communication with all students who are currently on exchange. The co-ordinator will continue to work with the host institution and other Mount Allison staff to ensure exchange students receive the information and support they require.



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