The MASU is governed by the Students’ Administrative Council (SAC), a body of students elected each year in a series of election. Elections are organized by the Chief Returning Officer, who also manages a Deputy Returning Officer and a committee of volunteers. To find out more about any of the positions listed below, click on the position to see its description or visit Our People to contact the incumbent. To find out more about MASU elections, please see our Elections Bylaw and Operating Procedure.

By-elections for the year 2017 are now closed!

  • Nominations: Thursday, Oct. 12th – Thursday, Oct. 19th
  • All candidates meeting: Thursday Oct. 19th 6:00pm, MASU Boardroom
  • Campaigning: Thursday, Oct. 20th – Thursday, Oct. 27th
  • Voting: Saturday, Oct. 28th – Sunday, Oct. 29th
  • There will be no speeches for this election*

Fall Elections (September)

Winter Elections (January/February)

Spring Elections (March)

Please collect your nomination package(s) for Councillor-at-Large or First Year Councillor at the MASU office or find the print-off version here.

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