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The MASU relies on over 200 student volunteers every year to help run our services, organize events, and sit on committees. These committees advise the Students’ Administrative Council on important issues and ensure the successful operation of our advocacy, services, events, and governance. Submit your application through the form below.

If you’re interested in sitting on a University or a Board of Regents Committee, apply here!

To find out more about a committee, please read their descriptions or contact the Appointment Chair:


        Committee Name Committee Description
         Academic Affairs This committee works to review and recommend MASU policy related to academic issues on campus and promote the MASU’s involvement in events within the community relating to academic issues, such as courses, professors, degrees, and accessibility, and helps to administer the MASU Used Book Sale at the beginning of each term.
        Communications This committee works to communicate MASU events, services, and issues to the student body. They will market and promote concerts, student forums, and other MASU events as well as communicating the MASU’s policies and advocacy and outreach efforts.
           Entertainment This committee works to assist the Entertainment Director and the Assistant Entertainment Director in planning and coordinating MASU Entertainment events.
          External Affairs This committee works to review and recommend MASU policy related to governmental or political issues, promote the MASU’s involvement in events outside Mount Allison, and increase student awareness of external issues, such as municipal, provincial, and federal government relations and lobbying.
                  Finance This committee works to develop operating procedures regarding the MASU’s financial affairs and review these procedures regularly to ensure their continued appropriateness; monitors financial results throughout the year; makes recommendations for budgetary amendments to Council; and prepares and proposes a budget to Council for the following fiscal year.
       Human Resources This committee works to administer, maintain, interpret, and uphold the Human Resource policies and procedures contained in Operating Procedure 4.
              Operations This committee works to update and recommend amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws, and operating procedures of the MASU, as well as for each MASU club and society, to ensure proper operations of the MASU.
             Student Life This committee works to review and recommend MASU policy related to non-academic issues on campus, promote the MASU’s involvement in events within the Mount Allison community relating to student life, and concern itself with issues that affect the Mount Allison community.
            Sustainability This committee works to review and recommend MASU policy on environmental issues, create awareness on campus of current environmental issues, consistently evaluate MASU and University environmental policy and practices, recommend changes to MASU and Mount Allison environmental policy and practices, and work with Mount Allison University to establish and maintain a system of metrics that accurately reflect the per capita carbon footprint of the average Mount Allison student, staff, and faculty member, as well as the Mount Allison’s overall carbon footprint in relation to its total square foot area.
            Social Justice

This committee facilitates communication and coordination between clubs/societies and the MASU, organizes events and activities for the benefit of clubs/societies, and brings formal recommendations for lobbying activities to the Executive Committee and Council.

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