Sackville, NB – The Mount Allison Students’ Union is releasing the METRAC Safety & Security Report. Commissioned during the 2012-2013 fiscal year on a grant from Status of Women Canada, the MASU contracted METRAC (the Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children) to conduct an audit of safety and security on the Mount Allison Campus.

METRAC is a highly regarded firm based in Toronto that have conducted safety and security audits for other campuses such as the University of Toronto, York University, St. Thomas University, the University of New Brunswick and Queen’s University.

“We’re incredibly excited to finally be releasing this report,” said MASU President Melissa O’Rourke, “This is the culmination of a lot of hard work from a number of people within both our organization as well as within the university administration.” The work conducted by former Vice-President, Campus Life Nikki Bhatia, the former MASU Safety & Security Co-ordinator Rachel Coon and the current MASU Safety & Security Co-ordinator Mariah Malone have heavily contributed to the release of this document.

When asked about what this means for the Mount Allison community, President O’Rourke stated, “It’s a big wake up call for students as well as for the university. There are a number of changes that will be forthcoming from this audit.” The implementation of the report has been taken on by the Security Matters and University Governance Committee.

The Mount Allison Students’ Union is looking forward to working with the university administration on the implementation of the recommendations found within this report. The MASU is committed to ensuring the ongoing safety and security of our students.

The Report itself can be found here.




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