MASU Reacts to the U4 Announcement


The Mount Allison University administration has recently announced the formation of an academic league, titled U4, comprised of Mount Allison University, Acadia University, St. Francis Xavier University and Bishop’s University. The objective of the partnership is the allowance of shared resources, course planning, and above all, championing the small undergraduate university model. Overall, the U4 aims to increase research opportunities for undergraduate students while maintaining the current environment found at each institution.

“The Mount Allison Students’ Union is excited to see all of these universities working to better the student experience,” says MASU President Melissa O’Rourke, “we look forward to seeing further work by the U4 in the coming months.”

While the MASU is not involved in a direct partnership with the three counterpart student unions, a close relationship has been previously built as a result of the MASU’s involvement in CASA (Canadian Alliance of Student Associations). “This initiative offers an opportunity for student unions,” says O’Rourke, “there is an opportunity for unions and the administration to work collaboratively and for the unions to continue strengthening our ties.”

The purpose of the U4 is noted as collaboration, best practices and awareness. “Looking at this outline, we feel this initiative could be quite positive for students” says O’Rourke, “that being said, we are somewhat sceptical of the vagueness of the alliance. While we do think it could be positive, we look forward to seeing tangible accomplishments in the coming months that truly benefit students.” 

If you have any further questions regarding the MASU and the U4 please contact us at or by phone at (506) 364-2231.