Clubs & Societies


*Clubs & Societies listed below will be updated in September once all constitutions have been received*

Student clubs and societies reflect the diversity of student interests within our campus community and are great way to get involved! Many, like the Physics Society, Commerce Society, and French Society, relate to specific fields of study. There are also many others that focus on social issues, interests, or athletics, such as Ultimate Frisbee, creative writing, SMILE, or Global Brigades. A full list of our MASU-registered clubs and societies is available below.

Don’t see a club you like? Start your own! Simply fill out a constitution form and bring it in to the MASU office. Once your club or society has been approved by Council, you’ll receive all sorts of benefits from the MASU: funding, free spaces, bookkeeping services, and more!

Club and Society Constitution

Some clubs are awaiting Council approval and will be on the website shortly. For more general information or contact info for clubs and societies, please contact our Vice-President, Student Life, Elise Vaillancourt.

 Active Clubs & Societies  Contact Information
Amnesty International

Anthropology Society

The Anthropology Society is an academic society that welcomes professors and students in the anthropology department as well as any students who might be interested in the concepts addressed in our field. The main objectives of this society are to promote the careful study and appreciation of different cultures and to further respect, preservation, and justice amongst humans.
Association for Physically Disabled & Chronically Ill Students

Atlantic Wildlife Institute MTA

The Atlantic Wildlife Institute is a rehabilitation centre for wildlife that has been impacted by our society. Students that get involved will have the chance to Fundraise, do some hands-on care of the wildlife patients in need, attend some emergency response training sessions, as well as wilderness skills workshops.
Atlantic International Studies Organization (ATLIS)

The ATLIS Organization is a dedicated group of students from many disciplines committed to finding new and innovative ways to engage students with the world around them.
Badminton Club

The Mount Allison Badminton Club is a not-for profit organization managed by its members with the aim of promoting the badminton practice, both recreational and semi-competitive year round. As long as you love or wanna start to try to play badminton, this is the right club for you.
Bands Society

We are the Mount Allison Bands Society in charge of representing ensembles offered at Mount Allison. We also promote music within the community and help raise money for music programs within elementary and secondary schools.
Because I Am a Girl (BIAAG)


Because I am a Girl is the Mount A chapter of BIAAG (Plan Canada) and works towards achieving gender equality worldwide. We meet once a week to plan fundraisers to support our sponsor student in Indonesia, as well as various awareness events.

Best Buddies MTA

Best Buddies Mount Allison is a group on campus dedicated to building one-to-one friendships between Mount Allison students and adults with developmental disabilities.

BioScience Society

We are a student-run exec representing the Biology community at Mount Allison University! During the school year, we run stress relieving events such as barbecues, a department mixer, off-campus socials, biology appreciation week (including clothing sales), an honours party and a biology formal.

We can also help you out academically as we offer midterm tutorials for requested courses, exam prep sessions for 1st and 2nd year courses and help finding tutors.

Black Students’ Union (BSU)

Our society is a group based on creating a safe space for Black students on the Mount Allison campus as well as sharing our experiences with those who are open to learning . We aim to encourage and help one another and promote awareness, critical thought and self reflection for Black and non-Black students.

Broken Bridge Clothing

Calligraphy Society

MTA Cappella

Catalyst (Queer Straight Alliance)

We are a support group and community building organization for LGBT+ students on the mount Allison campus. We hold weekly meetings for our members to meet and discuss current events as well as endeavouring to host events of interest to our members.

Center for Global Justice

Change Your Mind

Fostering awareness about mental health and illness on campus and creating a safe space for all.

Chem/Biochem Society

The Chem/Biochem society is dedicated to providing assistance and organizing events for all chemistry and biochemistry students. We help find tutors, give info sessions about writing labs, run fun activities and professor meet & greets, and sell cool t-shirts!

Chess Club

We play chess in a relaxed atmosphere. We provide food and drink for our club members, and we host tournaments from time to time. Our president is working his way towards mastery of the game, and is happy to teach anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of the game.

Classics Society


 We organize and run Classics-themed events throughout the year that are open to all Mount A students. We also provide basic help to Classics students through tutoring, essay help, etc. if requested.

Club Sports Alliance

Cognitive Science Society

Commerce Society

 We organize events for students in Commerce, such as a welcome BBQ, or the annual Commerce trip and career fair.

Conduct Becoming


In March 2001 the Conduct Becoming: Voices Against Cancer organization, comprised entirely of volunteers, released their first professional quality album on the campus of Mount Allison University in Sackville New Brunswick. The album was intended to be a way of showcasing the quality and diversity of the Mount Allison student music scene. The CD featured pop, hard and soft rock, folk, blues, alternative, swing, celtic and much more. All of the tracks were entirely original and written and performed by student musicians. The album was a huge success on campus and quickly developed a fan base eager for more top quality tracks from their peers.

Conduct Becoming has since grown to reach out to emerging artists as a platform for artist development while still holding true as a supporter of Canadian cancer research. The project has helped launch the careers of many local East Coast musical talents including Mike Allison, In-Flight Safety, Jon Epworth, and Allison Lickley.

The organization has now released an album every year since on the Mount Allison University campus.

Creative Writing Society

Creative writing is an informal group of aspiring writers with a wide range of interests (poetry, prose, novels and many more!). The group meets weekly (with cookies!) to write and have a good time.

Cross Country

Dance Society

Free dance classes for beginner and advanced level dancers held each week, with a spring show at the end of the year.

Debate Society

We encourage enjoyable, good-spirited discussions, while teaching some formal outlines for competitive debating. We compete occasionally for tournaments, so there is a chance to travel, but for most of our meetings on campus we pick topics, split into groups and debate, with feedback from senior members afterwards.

Drama Studies Society

A society for drama majors and minors, and anyone with an interest in theatre.


Eco-Action is a group that focuses on environmental activism and its accessibility to students. Our group is interested in creating a space wherein students can discuss environmental issues and take action on said issues by creating awareness around campus and in the Sackville community. Campus Climate Challenge and Lettuce Eat are two ongoing events that Eco-Action has hosted; these events focus on decreasing our campus’ carbon footprint, promoting sustainable living and encouraging environmental discussion on campus.

Enactus MTA

Enactus is a student run organization looking for eager young professionals from ALL academic disciplines to promote entrepreneurship across the country.

Our Mission:

Utilize our entrepreneurship skills and implement sustainable, social, and economic change in the community.

We need YOU, to help US and together WE can.

English Society

Fencing Club

The Fencing Club is a student-run organization that aims to both introduce and facilitate the experience of Fencing as a sport, offering all three Olympic weapons in addition to Rapier.

Field Hockey

We are a team that competes in the Atlantic University Field Hockey League (AUFHL) along with 6 other teams from the maritimes. Although the league is for women’s field hockey we welcome men to come out and practice with us too. With the AUFHL we play in 3 outdoor tournaments in the fall and in the spring UNB hosts and indoor tournament as well. We welcome all players as there are no tryouts. No previous playing experience is necessary.

First-Gen Den

Fine Arts Society

The Fine Arts Society is a group open to anyone to wishes to participate in activities, events, gatherings, and anything art-related in the Fine Arts Department, as well as the art and culture in Sackville, NB.

Free the Children

Free the Children is an international charity that partners with communities to help lift themselves out of poverty using a holistic, sustainable five-pillar development model. As the Mount Allison Chapter, we strive to live the Me to We lifestyle on-campus and in the community. We are passionate about social justice issues and our ability to affect change, so join us if you are looking for a high energy, likeminded, and socially aware group of friends to change the world with!

French Discussion Group

Gamers League

Garnet & Gold Musical Theatre Society


Garnet & Gold Musical Theatre Society was founded in 1932, making it one of the oldest and largest societies on campus.

Every year, G&G presents a large scale Broadway musical in Convocation Hall which involves over 100 members. University students and community members come together to create the production, including all technical and musical elements. G&G is an all-inclusive society, so even if you only sing in the shower, you are welcome to join!

Geography & Environment


Academic club oriented towards promoting the Geography and Environment program at Mount Allison.

Global Brigades MTA

Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led global health and holistic development organization. Over the past eight years, Mount Allison volunteers and professionals from the surrounding area have travelled to Honduras during the Winter reading week to deliver much needed medical services and assist communities in their efforts to improve overall quality of life.

Global Security Challenges

Great Canadian Sales Competition

Launched in 2014, The Great Canadian Sales Competition is now Canada’s Biggest Student Competition, with 3,000+ contestants expected to enter from 80 Universities and Colleges in Year 3. To-date, more than 1,800 Canadian students have developed new skills, networked and learned from amazing business leaders, and won trips, mentoring sessions, cash and other prizes.

Habitat for Humanity MTA

Objective: to fundraise money and participate in habitat for Humanity Collegiate challenge to aid with giving people affordable housing.

Healthcare Outreach MTA

Healthcare Outreach is a student-run club whose primary objective is to provide an opportunity for students interested in healthcare to learn, grow and develop skills related to medicine and community involvement. This group will provide opportunities to contribute to the school community along with the local community. Club involvement will help students come together as a team to support the many student run initiatives at our school. Students involved in this group will have the opportunity to volunteer with local organizations as well as sit in on topic based speakers, and attend information sessions related to medicine and health professions . We hope to make this an educational as well as an inspirational experience for students looking to pursue a career in healthcare.

History Society

We put on events for interested students inside and outside of the History Department.

Indigenous Student Support Group

This group is dedicated to the discussions and concerns towards Indigenous issues within Mount Allison University. The Indigenous Student Support Group practices traditional teachings, crafts and songs. You do not need to be Indigenous to partake in the group – it is a facilitates and fosters a welcoming environment that encourages knowledge and connectivity to the land.

Presents: The Improv

Presents: The Improv is MTA’s local improvised comedy group, performing for the MtA community every Wednesday night at the Pond.

Inter Varsity

Investment Club MTA


The Mount Allison Investment Club is a student-run organization that aims to give students a risk-free environment to learn about Investing.

Our idea is simple, get “investments” from the MTA community and use them to invest in the market. Students will actively participate in these decisions by giving pitches and voting on what they want to invest in.

In holding the values of the Mount Allison Community we aim to hold the highest ethical standards of both our members and the community.

Islanders’ Society

The Islanders’ Society’s mission is to introduce the Mount Allison campus to the shared, yet diverse cultures associated with students of Caribbean and Bermudian nationalities. We also seek to Decatur others on different aspects of our culture through food, music, dance, language, et cetera. is a Canada wide student organization working towards a stigma-free world! We are active in universities, colleges and schools all over the country, including MtA’s chapter which works to spread awareness, create conversations and change minds on campus.

K.A.M.P (Kids in Action Mentorship Program)

Shotokan Karate Club MTA

The MTA Shotokan Karate Club is part of the International Karate Daigaku. Our club offers weekly karate training by a professional instructor and is open to all students wishing to learn karate or continue their training here at Mount Allison.

LGTB Stem Society

Lacrosse Club

Let’s Talk Science

Let’s Talk Science is an award-winning, national, charitable organization. We create and deliver science learning programs and services that engage children and youth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through a variety of programs.

As the Mount Allison site, we have reached around 10,000 youth in the community since 2012. If you are eager to share your knowledge to inspire and engage students, helping them discover the relevance of science in their own lives. We invite you to explore the ways that you can be a role model in your own community, as part of the Let’s Talk Science Team.



LINKS Tutoring

LINKS: Linking Language to Learning at Salem Elementary School is a volunteer program which pairs Mount Allison students with students at Salem Elementary school who are experiencing language or literacy issues. These issues include (but are not limited to) dyslexia, language based learning disabilities, and ADHD. Mount Allison students meet with their “buddy” twice a week at Salem Elementary, and tutor them in reading and writing skills.

Live Poets Society

Math/Computer Science Society

We are a society bringing together students with vague or deep interests in Mathematics and/or Computer Science. We host social events, maintain a list of tutors for math and computer science courses, and strive to offer any other services you would like to see from your Math and Computer Science society.

Model United Nations MTA


Model United Nation Conferences are an opportunity for students to be immersed in global issues. It runs as a simulation of the United Nations focussing on relevant or historical issues.

Participants are assigned to a committee as well as a country for the duration of the conference. Research beforehand will be involved in order to best represent the foreign policy of the county assigned. Using this information, participants are challenged to apply the foreign policy of their country to the topics of their committee. Utilising current Rules of Order and Procedure of the United Nations, participants engage with the committee topics. Through debate and draft resolution papers, participants collaborate to create solutions and ultimately create final resolutions.

All in all, Model United Nations Conferences are a great way to develop a deeper understanding of global issues, foreign policy, improve public speaking skills, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Society


Mosaic is a multicultural club on campus that promotes multiculturalism and cross-cultural awareness at Mount Allison through various events. Some of our events include: festival celebrations, coffee houses, cultural activities and the annual Mosaic Banquet.

Music Society

Music Makes a Difference

Every weekend, we go to the United Church Home for Senior Citizens (aka the Drew) and we sing songs with a group of seniors. Weekly favourites include “Oh, Susanna,” “You Are My Sunshine,” and “Clementine,” but these are only the tip of a very fun ice berg. Please contact Kiera Stel for more information.

MTA Non-Profit

Parks Canada Club

Philosophy Society


This society is for Mount Allison philosophy students.

Physics Society

MtA’s Physics Society works to promote physics throughout the department, provide information for first year students, hold help sessions, organize tutors, and much more!

Political Science/International Relations Society

 The Political Science/International Relations Student Society is a society that represents, advocates for Mount Allison students studying POLS/IR. As a society, we host events and provide opportunities for our community to engage with social, political and economic issues happening locally and globally.

PPE Society

The PPE Society is a group with a purpose of discussing Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. The PPE Society hosts events and discussions relating to PPE.

Psychology Society

 The Psychology Society provides social and academic services for students in the psychology program or those interested in the field of psychology. Our goals are to entertain our members with engaging events, assist with tutors and help sessions, and help students engage with Mount Allison’s Psychology department.

Relay for Life

Sackville’s Relay for Life is a 6 hour event that raises awareness and funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Right to Play MTA

Our main goal is to raise awareness and money to support play programs around the world. Right to Play is a non for profit organization that works to empower children through play. This give children the opportunity to learn and become leaders in their communities all through play.

The Rose Campaign

 YWCA Canada’s Rose Campaign goal is to end violence against women and girls takes its name from the rose button created after 14 young women were murdered on December 6, 1989 and commemorates December 6 as Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. The Rose Campaign works year-round to reduce violence against women, increase public awareness and prevent violence before it starts.

Proceeds will go to the YWCA Moncton towards Youth, Housing, Violence Prevention, Empowerment and to create Wellness in our area.

Rotaract (Rotary)

The youth branch of Rotary International, a multi-aim service organization under the principle of Service Above Self.

MTA Rover Scout Crew


Women’s Rugby Football Club MTA

The MTA Women’s rugby team plays in the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association. Our season starts in September and tends to end at the beginning of November. We practice 4-5 times a week, with one game per weekend. This club is a community and holds many social events with other teams.

Run for the Cure Team

Run for the Cure is put on by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and CIBC. It is a 1 or 5 Km run or walk in Moncton in support of breast cancer research.

7 Mondays

7 Mondays is an undergraduate edited and peer-reviewed journal for literary and photographic creative works.


S.M.I.L.E. is an organization run by the CEIP in partnership with Mount Allison University and the Amherst YMCA that takes place every Saturday morning throughout the academic year. It is a program that pairs Mt A students with children and youth with special needs and allows for the child to participate in a fun-filled gym and pool program each week.

Indoor Soccer Club

Sociology Society

Fostering awareness about sociological issues and social justice on campus as well as relations among the department

START Gallery

START is Sackville/Mount Allison University’s student-run art gallery, featuring art by students. START also hosts arts-based events and happenings. START gallery was established in 1999 by a group of Mount Allison University students.

START is dedicated to creating a positive atmosphere, in which to unite, educate, and encourage students in their artistic endeavors. Shared expression is an essential part of an artistic career, and START aims to enrich both the lives of the individual artists as well as the surrounding community.

If you are interested in holding an event at START, contact the gallery coordinator (Erin Canning) at

START is YOUR space. What do you see?

Student Athlete Mental Health Initiative

Swing Society

 The Swing Dance Society exists to spread the joy of swing dance to everyone. We have free dance classes, for everyone between beginner and danced level. We hold a couple swing bashes a year, for people who want to socialize and swing dance at the same time. And we have an optional end-of-year dance show to show off all that we’ve learned.

Synchronized Swimming MTA

The MtA Synchronized Swimming Club is a fun, easy going way to get moving during the school year! We meet once or twice a week to swim and learn from each other. Whether you are a professional swimmer or an avid doggy paddler, you are welcome to come give synchro a try! We promise laughs, happy memories, and the occasional snack!

Table Top Gaming Society

Team Fox

We raise money for the Michael J Fox Foundation that funds research on Parkinson’s disease.
Ultimate Frisbee Club MTA

MTA Ultimate is a club Ultimate Frisbee Team for all skill levels. Season runs from late September to mid April. Everyone is welcome!

Unicycling Society

The Vagina Monologues

This group stages a not-for-profit performance of an episodic piece of drama written by Eve Ensler; “The Vagina Monologues”. The Vagina Monologues are an event of many that is a part of the V-Day movement – to end violence against woman (largely) but that tackles a number of other difficult and beautiful societal and personal experiences and issues that are woman-oriented. We have a woman-only cast for the show but support and encourage all walks of life to become involved with this benefit show and the events we will offer throughout the year!

Varsity Dance

The Mount Allison Varsity Dance team is a competitive performance dance troupe at Mount Allison University competing and performing in the styles of ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop. The Varsity Dance team can be seen performing at Mounties Athletics home games, including AUS football semi-finals, and competitions in and outside of Canada.

Voices for Palestine

Women in Science

The Women in Science Society at Mount Allison aims to encourage interest and engagement in science, and increase involvement and participation in STEM fields at the elementary, middle, high school and undergraduate level. In order to achieve this at a local level, we host after school programs at the local elementary school. We feel that it is imperative that young girls have proper role models who can encourage and foster their strengths. We believe that having role models who believe in you and can provide opportunities in science will support growth in male-dominated fields such as physics and engineering.

Women’s & Gender Studies Society MTA

We focus on creating spaces throughout the MTA campus to have conversations about feminist issues, social justice issues, and current world events. We aim to cultivate feminist, anti-racist, inclusive community through events, fundraisers, and our social media platforms. Anyone is welcome to join the society – you don’t have to be a WGST student!

WUSC – Local/SRP

WUSC stands for World University Service of Canada. A leading Canadian international development agency, WUSC is a network of individuals and post- secondary institutions. Our mission is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training.

Young Conservatives MTA

Young Greens of MTA