Excellence in Teaching Award


The MASU Excellence in Teaching Award, first awarded in 2010, provides student recognition of the strong and effective teaching by the faculty and staff each year at Mount Allison.


Mount Allison University is an institution that prides itself on excellence in undergraduate education. For students, the quality of teaching they receive during their time here is of enormous importance. The MASU Excellence in Teaching Award, first awarded in 2010, was established to provide student recognition of the strong and effective teaching by faculty and staff at Mount Allison. Any teaching member of the faculty or staff may be nominated, and nominations may be submitted by students, colleagues, or members of the greater community.

Award Criteria:

Successful candidates should demonstrate the following qualities: 

  • Approachability: Easily accessible, listens to and respects students, and does the utmost to assist students in their academic pursuits
  • Communication with students: Communicates class materials in a way that facilitates understanding and appreciation of the subject, and allows students to reflect creatively
  • Innovation in course delivery: Delivers material in non-traditional ways, and/or utilizes new and innovative technologies and strategies to keep coursework current in a rapidly changing academic environment
  • Leadership in progress on student evaluation of teaching: Respects and facilitates feedback from students and responds appropriately
  • Other areas that may be considered include: performance as a research supervisor, involvement in student life, etc.

This award is to recognize the strong and effective teaching methods at Mount Allison, regardless of length of service, tenure status, records and numbers of publications/amount of research.  Part-time instructors, lecturers and Library staff are eligible for this award. 


All nominations must be completed online or submitted to the Mount Allison Students’ Union office and will be reviewed by the Academic Affairs Committee (composed of the MASU Vice-President, Academic Affairs, 6 Student Senators equally representing Arts, Sciences, and Social Sciences, 2 councillors, and 4 students-at-large). 

Nominations must consist of:

  • An application form to be completed by the nominator including an attached letter outlining her or his reasons for nominating the candidate
  • Three additional letters of support from other students (past or present)

The selection committee will contact each nominee to inform her or him that they have been nominated. A period of five business days will be given for her or him to accept the nomination. Furthermore, there will be a two week period (following the closing of nominations) during which nominees may submit additional materials in support of their nomination, which may include, but are not limited to: 

  • A statement of teaching philosophy 
  • A list of courses taught over the last 3 years 
  • Examples of completed teaching evaluations from students
  • Proof of submission of teaching evaluation to their dean and/or department head  
  • Letters of support from any member of the Sackville community


Nominations will open on Monday, April 14th, 2014.
Nominations will close at 4:30 pm Monday, April 21st 2014.
Nominees have 5 business days to accept the nomination (acceptances close April 25th, 2014)  
Nominees must submit additional materials by 4:30 pm May 2nd, 2014.

The Academic Affairs committee will review nominations, and the award will be announced at the Convocation ceremonies in May. 

Please complete the form below or submit physical nomination forms to the Mount Allison Students’ Union office. A PDF version of the nomination form is available for download here. For more information please contact Ryan Harley, Vice-President Academic Affairs.

Past Recipients 

2011-2012: Dr. Robert Lapp, Professor of English

Kylie de Chastelain, VP Academic Affairs (left), and Dr. Robert Lapp


2010-2011: Dr. Michael Fox, Professor of Geography & Environment

Dr. Michael Fox (centre) and members of the 2010-2011 Students’ Administrative Council