Green Investment Fund


In 2009, 77.8% of Mount Allison students voted in favour of an initiative to reduce carbon emissions in the Sackville, NB area via referendum, whereby each student contributes $10.00 annually to a Green Investment Fund (GIF), which is incorporated into their Students’ Union fees at the commencement of the Fall term.

The GIF will be used to financially support green capital projects submitted by students, staff, faculty and the general public which successfully pass through the application and evaluation process governed by the Sustainability Committee.

Applications are available at the MASU office or as a PDF copy here.

For more information, please contact the VP External here.


Council approved the 2016 GIF recipients following a record number of applications this year! The GIF will be funding a restoration project by the Sackville Community Garden to repair and strengthen against flood damage, as well as a clearcut restoration project by Community Forests International. Partial grants were also given to EOS Eco-Energy for a draft-proofing initiative for low-income homes and to a spring class taught by Dr. Mike Fox in the department of geography and environment.


Habitat for Humanity

“The GIF provided the seed funding for Sackville’s first Habitat for Humanity home.  It also allowed the Habitat committee to ensure that we incorporated energy efficiencies into the house such as passive solar orientation, ICF basement blocking, extra ceiling insulation, and a heat pump to effectively reduce heating costs for the home by almost half.  Without the MASU Green Investment Fund, we might not have undertaken the project at all.  But thanks to that grant, a local low-income family has been given a hand up through Habitat for Humanity and are now the proud owners of an efficient and affordable home.”

Basement Insulation Program

“With the GIF, the Tantramar Planning District Commission created the Basement Insulation Rebate Program – an incentive program aimed at getting people to increase the energy efficiency of their homes by insulating their basements.  Through research on green development standards, we found that the basement is where most of a home’s heat loss takes place.  And with so many older homes in Sackville, homeowners tend to ignore that part of their house.  By insulating basement walls and floors, heat loss can be cut by as much as 50%.  Thanks to the GIF for helping homeowners!”