Safety & Security Project


In April 2012, the Mount Allison Students’ Union received an $89,000 grant from Status of Women Canada. Based around the theme of “engaging young people to prevent violence against women on post-­secondary campuses,” the grant was awarded to fund a 2-­year project aimed at engaging young people to actively prevent gender-­based violence at Mount Allison University.

Part of the grant has been designated towards a Campus Safety Audit conducted by the Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC) during the 2012‐13 academic year. Founded in 1984 in Toronto, Ontario, METRAC is a registered not­‐for‐profit, community‐based organization with a mandate to prevent and eliminate violence against diverse women and children. METRAC’s Safety Audit Process was declared a Best Practice and Strategic Direction for 2008‐2013 by the United Nations Habitat’s Safer Cities Campaign.

In the second year of the project, the Mount Allison Students’ Union will engage and establish working partnerships with women and men on campus as well as community stakeholders in order to implement a strategic campus community plan and a gender-­based analysis report, and to implement potential strategies for addressing gender-based violence.

Expected results of the project include the implementation of the Campus Safety Audit performed by METRAC, effective mechanisms, supports, strategies, and solutions as well as an increased ability for stakeholders and community members to identify factors contributing to gender-­based violence.