Student Strike FAQ


What will the strike involve?

In the event of a strike, you will see pickets at the entrances to the university campus. These pickets do not prevent your access to the university grounds and will be peaceful.


What is the Students’ Union position during the strike?

The Students’ Union supports an agreement between both parties and is actively advocating for   both sides to reach a solution as quickly as possible. We want to see minimal disruption for students and a speedy return to the classroom.

We will try to provide students with up-to-date, unbiased information during the strike.


Why has the Students’ Union chosen to stay neutral?

The Students’ Union feels strongly that it is important to maintain a stance of neutrality because both involved parties are integral to the student experience at Mount Allison. In order to maintain a strong working relationship with both parties during and after the strike, a stance that supports a prompt agreement is both essential and in the best interest of students.

With this said, a neutral stance does not mean the Union will be inactive. We feel it is our responsibility to students to do whatever is possible to encourage both parties to return to the negotiating table and find a solution.


Who can I, or my parents, contact at the Students’ Union if I have any questions about the strike?

You can email Emelyana Titarenko , President of the Students’ Union, at

You can also fill out our contact us form by clicking here.


Will the Students’ Union continue to operate in the case of a strike?

Yes, the Students’ Union will continue to operate for it’s regular 8:30 to 4:30 hours during the strike. All services (Health and Dental, Clubs and Societies, etc) will continue to operate in their normal capacity.


Who is part of the strike?

MAFA, or the Mount Allison Faculty Association, is a union representing both full-time and part-time academic faculty, librarians, and archivists at Mount Allison University.


Where can I find information on what the parties are asking for?

Information from the Administration can be found here.

Information from the Faculty Association can be found here.


Are classes cancelled?

Yes. All classes are cancelled until further notice. This includes labs, tutorials and seminars.


Does the University have established guidelines to follow regarding what happens with classes during and after a strike?

Yes. Policy 5410 outlines the guidelines and procedures the University will follow in the event of a disruption of classes. The policy outlines students’ rights and responsibilities and sets out procedures for things like re-organizing the syllabus after a disruption.


Should I continue completing my schoolwork?

While it is not required that you complete assignments during a strike, students are encouraged to carry on with their assignments, readings, and other academic work as far as is possible.


Will university buildings be open?

Yes. Residences, Jennings, the student center, the library, the athletic centre, etc. will all be open. The registrar’s office and administrative offices will operate as usual and academic buildings will remain open.


Will student services (Wellness Center, Fitness Center, etc.) continue to operate?

Yes, all services will continue to operate in a normal capacity and will be made available to students.


When a deal is reached, what notice will be given before classes resume?

A minimum of 24 hours notice will be given by the University before returning to class.


Does MAFA have to strike one week at time?

No. They may come to an agreement at any time and then give 24 hours notice before classes resume.


Will I have access to my email and Moodle?



Will I be able to contact my professors during the strike?

At this point and time, faculty members still have access to their email; however, it is considered work and may delay their response time.


Can I cross a picket line?

Yes. As a student you have every right to cross a picket line immediately and without obstruction, harassment or intimidation, whether to enter campus or to leave campus, and whether on foot or in a vehicle.

**Please note:  If you do not wish to cross you should be aware that there will likely be many areas where you can enter or leave campus without having to cross a picket line.


Where are the picket lines located?

Picket lines can be found at the following areas:




Will we be compensated for lost class time?

The Students’ Union will be heavily advocating for students to receive a tuition rebate pending the duration of the strike. The university has stated that any adjustment to tuition will be based on the length and impact of the strike.


Will reading week be cancelled?

No, the reading week will not be cancelled.


Will I be able to continue my research?

If your research requires ongoing supervision by a faculty member then it is unlikely you will have access to your research. However, in some circumstances, other qualified individuals may be able to provide supervision of students involved in research.

Students with written instructions from their professor that state clearly whether or not they are permitted to continue with their research during the strike may be granted permission to continue. Technical staff will continue to be available to assist students as appropriate. For more information, please contact the dean of your faculty:


Should I go home in the event of a strike?

No, where negotiations could be resolved at any point in time, students are encouraged to stay on campus.


If I’m encouraged to stay, what should I do?

Complete your assignments, readings and labs. We are strongly encouraging the campus community to operate as close to business as usual until further notice. The Students’ Union in conjunction with the Student Life Office are in the process of creating extra-curricular activities for students to take advantage of. Tutorials, recreational, social and academic events are being developed, all focused on keeping students engaged. The schedule can be found here!


Will the academic term be cancelled?

The University has no plans to cancel the academic term. Within five days of the strike being over, the Registrar’s Office will formulate a new schedule as required by Senate Policy 5410.


Will the term be extended?

It is unclear at this point in time if the term would need to be extended. We will provide information on this as soon as it becomes available.


Will I be able to graduate?

All steps will be taken in accordance with Senate policy to ensure students are able to complete their academic term and graduate.