Who We Are


The Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU) represents all full- and part-time students at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick.


The Mount Allison Students’ Union will be the most valuable and meaningful resource for all Mount Allison students in enhancing their quality of life.


The Mount Allison Students’ Union will raise the expectations of students by delivering excellent services and programming, leverage the power of an organized student collective to advocate for and effect change to improve the quality of student life, and consistently evaluate its practices to ensure a high level of organizational performance. The MASU will be an organization that makes bold moves, provides significant value to its members, keeps up-to-date with its environment in order to behave proactively, and allows for students to set its direction through opportunities for frank, candor discussion.


1. Enhancing the Student Experience

  • The MASU believes that during their time at Mount Allison, all students should enjoy an impeccable quality of life. We believe that it is our responsibility to add value to students’ time at Mount Allison by working to enhance students’ educational experience, by providing opportunities for students to grow and develop into leaders in a safe, welcoming environment, and by ensuring that the student experience is a fun and enjoyable one.

2. Sustainability

  • The MASU recognizes its responsibility to ensure sound financial stewardship and to maintain sustainable financial practices so that students will always be able to benefit from the advocacy, services, and support we provide.
  • The MASU strives to build services that will thrive and continue to benefit students over a long period of time, and we are mindful of the need to administer and operate these services with an eye to the long term.
  • The MASU is committed to environmental and ecological sustainability and will work to ensure that it can serve as a model for sustainability by monitoring its own practices and those of Mount Allison University to reduce consumption and emissions.

3. Integrity

  • The MASU will serve its constituents responsibly and will ensure that fees are put to use in the most appropriate way for the organization to carry out its goals. The MASU will be accountable to its constituents and ensure full transparency in all that it does.

4. Entrepreneurial & Innovative Thinking

  • The MASU values the creativity, youth, and energy of its members. We believe in supporting innovative and creative ideas and believe that calculated risk-taking is necessary to ensure we are constantly at the forefront of service for our members.

5. Autonomy

  • The MASU’s autonomy makes it possible to respond to the needs of our members and to have sufficient agency to ensure we carry out the will of students. 
  • The MASU makes decisions on behalf of its members in a way that represents student autonomy and democratic decision-making.
  • The MASU recognizes its responsibility to provide sufficient resources in order to ensure that its staff can perform their duties on behalf of students without relying on personal contributions.
  • The MASU strives to promote an interdependent relationship with Mount Allison University where both parties equally rely on and support each other.

6. Promotion of Excellence

  • The MASU believes it can best serve students by ensuring its people are at their most productive. We recognize our responsibility to provide tangible improvements to the quality of student life and strive for measurable, clearly identifiable results.
  • The MASU believes that anyone who gets involved within our organization should leave a better leader. We recognize our responsibility to invest in our people in order to equip them with the tools they need to succeed during their time with the MASU and beyond.

7. Diversity and Representation

  • The MASU aims to represent the diversity of our members, striving to be inclusive of all students regardless of gender, race, sex, sexual orientation, and ethos.
  • Innovation, advocacy, and services shall reflect and represent a diversity of thought and research from ideas to implementation in order to ensure the MASU is a leader among student unions and advocacy groups.