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Constitution of the Mount Allison Students’ Union



The name of the organization which this document shall govern is the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU).

Article I – The Objectives of the MASU

I.1 The Objectives of the MASU shall be:
a.    to represent and be the primary advocate for all students;
b.    to advance the education of its Members;
c.    to promote substantive student participation in all aspects of University governance;
d.    to promote public, universally accessible, high-quality postsecondary education; and
e.    to provide the administrative capacity necessary to enable students to participate in the educational, cultural, and social activities to which they have access by reason of being students.

I.2 The MASU shall pursue these objectives:
a.    by acting as the primary channel of communication between students and all governing facets of the University;
b.    by communicating and cooperating with governing bodies within the University;
c.    by providing a medium through which a collective voice to the views of students can be substantiated;
d.    by representing students at the local, provincial, national, and all other appropriate levels; and
e.    through the supply of services to students and student organizations and the promotion of their educational, cultural, and social activities.

Article II – Membership and MASU Dues

II.1 The following shall be voting Members of the MASU:
a.    All individuals registered as Mount Allison students who pay full or part time Mount Allison University fees.

II.2 All Members shall pay a MASU fee levied in the following manner:
a.    students enrolled in nine (9) credits or more in a single academic semester, shall pay full MASU dues; or
b.    students enrolled in fewer than nine (9) credits in a single academic semester, shall pay part-time MASU dues.

II.3 MASU dues will be maintained at a constant value, except in the following cases: 
a.    through referenda;
b.    an increase to account for inflation, that may not exceed four per cent (4%) of then current dues.

Article III – The MASU Students’ Administrative Council

IV.1 The legislative and administrative powers of the MASU shall be vested in the Students’ Administrative Council (SAC).

IV.2 The SAC shall maintain the following:
a.    primacy in all MASU matters;
b.    Members of the SAC must also be voting Members of the MASU;
c.    any Member of the MASU may attend SAC meetings as an observer and speak upon invitation from the Chair;
d.    quorum shall be fifty percent (50%) of the voting members of the SAC; and
e.    the duties and responsibilities of the SAC are elucidated in the SAC bylaws.

IV.3 All MASU members elected to SAC positions shall be voting members of the SAC.

Article IV – Meetings of the MASU

III.1 A meeting of the MASU shall:
a.    be called by the Chair of the SAC; or
b.    be called by the Students’ Administrative Council upon submission, through the office of the Chair, a petition bearing the signatures of at least ten percent (10%) of MASU Members;
c.    have a quorum of twenty-five percent (25%) of MASU Members; and
d.    be governed by the same rules of order as SAC meetings.

Article V – Primacy of Governing Documents

V.1 The MASU and SAC shall be governed by the following documents, listed in order of primacy. In the event of contradiction, the following will dictate the order of precedence:
a.    MASU Constitution;
b.    MASU Bylaws;
c.    MASU Policies.

Article VI – Referenda

VI.1 Referenda of the MASU shall:
a.    be the supreme policymaking forum of the MASU. Policy approved by referenda may only be amended or repealed by subsequent referenda;
b.    be called and executed by the Chief Returning Officer, upon receipt of:

i.    a petition containing the text of the proposed resolution and consisting of signatures of twenty-five percent (25%) of MASU Members; or

ii.    a resolution containing the text of the proposed resolution approved by a two- thirds (2/3) majority of the SAC;
c.    be held within the academic year in which it was requisitioned;
d.    take place no fewer than ten (10) days following notice to all MASU members;
e.    be deemed binding if passed by at least a two-thirds (2/3) majority of MASU Members; and
f.    require a quorum of twenty-five percent (25%) of MASU Members.

Article VII – Amending the Governing Documents

VII.1 This Constitution shall be amended only through a referendum.
VII.2 Any amendments to this Constitution or any Bylaw or Policy shall be effective immediately unless such a date is specified in the resolution.
VII.3 The governing documents and any proposed amendments to them shall be made available to all MASU Members in the MASU office and on the MASU website.
VII.4 Typography, formatting, and/or spelling errors in the Constitution or Bylaws may be corrected by a unanimous decision by the SAC at any of its regular meetings, provided that no fewer than seven (7) days notice is given to the membership. Modifications enacted by the SAC may not alter inherent spirit or implicit meaning of the Constitution or Bylaws.

Article VIII – Definitions

VIII.1 Each of the following definitions apply to this document except where expressly stated:
‘Bylaw’ – shall refer to any resolution passed by referenda or two-thirds (2/3) of the SAC present at any constituted meeting with the purpose of ensuring the effective operation of the MASU.
‘Chair’ – shall refer to the Chairperson of the SAC.
‘Constitution’ – shall refer to this document, the Constitution of the Mount Allison University Students’ MASU.
‘Member’ – as defined in Article II.1(a) of this Constitution.
‘Policy’ and ‘Act’ – shall refer to any policy or act passed by referenda or simple majority (50%+1) of the SAC present at any constituted meeting.
‘Quorum’ – means the minimum number of voting members who must be present in order to conduct business.
‘Referenda’ – means referenda of the entire MASU membership as outlined by this Constitution and MASU and SAC bylaws.
‘Rules of Order’ – shall refer to the rules of order prescribed by the Chair.
‘Student’ – shall refer to any student enrolled at Mount Allison University.
‘Students’ Administrative Council’ – shall refer to the governing entity of the MASU, as outlined in Article IV of this Constitution.
‘MASU’ – shall refer to the Mount Allison Students’ Union Incorporated.
‘MASU Office’ – means the premises where MASU business is primarily conducted.
‘University’ – means Mount Allison University.