Our People


The MASU relies on over 20 staff and 200 volunteers to keep our organization running smoothly. Below, you will find the list of executive, staff, councillors, and committee volunteers that work throughout the year to keep the MASU running smoothly and efficiently. If you’d like to find out more about the people currently involved in the MASU, visit the Executive, Councillors, or Staff pages and please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


Ryan LeBreton President masupresident@mta.ca
Mary Emma MacNeil VP Academic Affairs masuacademic@mta.ca
Tina Oh VP External Affairs masuexternal@mta.ca
Anthony Maddalena VP Student Life masustudentlife@mta.ca
Alex Lepianka VP Finance & Operations masufinance@mta.ca
Sara Camus VP Communications masucommunications@mta.ca



Delaney Losier Chairperson masuchair@mta.ca
William Li Deputy Chairperson jli4@mta.ca
Willa McCaffrey-Noviss Board of Regents Representative wemccaffreynoviss@mta.ca
Emilie Gatchell Councillor-at-Large eqgatchell@mta.ca
Kaye Klapman Councillor-at-Large sfklapman@mta.ca
Maureen Adegbidi Councillor-at-Large maadegbidi@mta.ca
Matt Roberts Councillor-at-Large mroberts@mta.ca
Osama Al Nammary Councillor-at-Large oralnammary@mta.ca
Kiera Stel Arts Senator kgstel@mta.ca
Tierra Stokes Arts Senator tstokes@mta.ca
Sarah Murphy Social Science Senator skmurphy@mta.ca
Rachel Howlett Social Science Senator rhowlett@mta.ca
Akarsh Pai Science Senator aapai@mta.ca
Andrew Moreira Science Senator amoreira@mta.ca
Phil Carolin First-Year Councillor pmcarolin@mta.ca
Cydney Kane Non-Voting Councillor appointmentchair@mta.ca


Joy Estabrooks General Manager jestabrooks@mta.ca
Nancy Estabrooks Office Manager masu@mta.ca
Sarah Mullin Health & Dental Plan Administrator masuhealth@mta.ca
Lily Falk Policy Research & Archiving Officer lfalk@mta.ca
Malcolm Elliott Entertainment Director melliott2@mta.ca
Sydney Trenholm Assistant Entertainment Director strenholm@mta.ca
Connie Xie Chief Returning Officer ctxie@mta.ca
Laura Manuge Deputy Returning Officer lemanuge@mta.ca
Krista Nix Allisonian Co-Editor knnix@mta.ca
Tanner McGaffey Allisonian Co-Editor tsmcgaffey@mta.ca
Meghan McCracken Orientation Chair orientation@mta.ca
Megan Woodman Shine Chair shinerama@mta.ca
Marion Blight Promotions Manager mmblight@mta.ca
Marion Blight Graphic Designer mmblight@mta.ca
Cydney Kane Appointment Chair appointmentchair@mta.ca
Jessica Grant Sustainability Coordinator jlgrantburt@mta.ca
Joanna Perkin Social Justice Coordinator jrperkin@mta.ca
Katie Gordon Community Outreach Coordinator community@mta.ca
Matt Fyfe Bike Co-op Coordinator bikecoop@mta.ca
Olivia Auriat Accessibility Affairs Co-ordinator ojauriat@mta.ca
Tierza Petersen Health Services
TBA Judicial Chair TBA
Natalia Colomina Student International Affairs nlistecolomina@mta.ca