The MASU Ombudsperson can provide guidance to students seeking information regarding MASU services, policies, procedures and more. The MASU Ombudsperson will also impartially investigate any reported grievances concerning any aspect of student life or the MASU and advise students of their rights and responsibilities.

The Ombudsperson can be contacted here: Sara Mizen.

The MASU University Ombudsperson is an independent, impartial Office of the MASU.  The MASU University Ombudsperson is a resource for members of the Mount Allison community and will  assist them with the resolution of complaints concerning University matters. The MASU University Ombudsperson is a designated neutral party that advocates for fairness, and is a resource for individuals seeking guidance with regards to University resources, policies, procedures, practices, and rules.

The MASU University Ombudsperson can be contacted here : David Spence