The MASU employs three full-time staff and over twenty members each year in part-time and volunteer positions.

These staff report to the Executive Committee and are responsible for carrying out day-to-day tasks as assigned by the Executive and Council.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, never hesitate to contact any of our staff via the links below!


Joy Estabrooks

General Manager

Email Joy!

Nancy Estabrooks

Office Manager

Email Nancy!

Sarah Mullin

Health & Dental Plan Administrator

Email Sarah!


Paige Percy

Policy Research & Archiving Officer

Email Paige!

Lindsay Gallant

Entertainment Director

Email Lindsay!

Sara McConnell

Assistant Entertainment Director

Email Sara!

Laura Manuge

Chief Returning Officer

Email Laura!

Rebekah Howlett

Deputy Returning Officer

Email Rebekah!

Savannah Forsey

Allisonian Co-Editor


Shelby McGraw

Allisonian Co-Editor


Niki Mina

Orientation Chair

Email Niki!

Micci Davy

Shine Chair

Email Micci!

Olivia Bizmungu

Communications Coordinator


Ben Coursey



John Briand

Appointment Chair

Email John!

Andrew Linton

Sustainability Coordinator

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Jillane Buryn

Social Justice Coordinator

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Maggie Pickard

Community Services Coordinator

Email Maggie!

Ben Coursey

Bike Co-op Coordinator

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Julia Connolly

Accessibility Affairs Co-ordinator

Email Julia!

Hunter Stephens

Health Services Co-ordinator

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Student International Affairs