Political Policies


As the representative body of students at Mount Allison, the MASU adopts political positions on issues that affect students in order to advocate on their behalf. These policies are adopted democratically through referendum, general meeting, or by the Students’ Administrative Council. For information on how the MASU develops policy and how students can bring forward policy for the MASU to formally adopt, please see Operating Procedure XV – Policy Development.

Active MASU Policy

Policy 2018-01: Indigenous Faculty Hires

Policy 2018-02: Acknowledging Rape Culture on the Mount Allison University Campus and at the MASU

Policy 1011(2019-04): Climate Change Action Policy

Policy 2302(2018-03): Policy on the Distribution System

Policy 2303(2018-04): Policy on Online Education

Policy 2304(2018-05):  Policy on the Course Withdrawal Policy

Policy 2305(2019-03): Policy on University Scholarships and Bursaries

Policy 2306(2019-03): Policy on Extenuating Circumstance Accommodations

Policy  2101 (2019-01): Policy on Personal Harassment Policy and Procedures