Winter Carnival


January 9-13, 2017

Monday, January 9:
FBC: Glow Party 2.0 featuring PINEO & LOEB. (Wet/Dry event)
9pm, WMSC

Tuesday, January 10:
Painting with The Rose Campaign
6-9pm, The Pond

Wednesday, January 11:
Winter Carnival Trivia
10-12pm, The Split Crow

Wednesday, January 11:
Spirit Night
7-9pm, Athletic Centre (by residence)

Thursday, January 12:
Free Skate
12-1:30pm, Tantramar Civic Center

Thursday, January 12:
Mini Sticks Tournament
5-7pm, Gracie’s Cafe

Friday, January 13:
North Pole vs. South Pole Snowball Fight
6pm, North Side Quad (weather pending)

Friday, January 13:
Cancun Campbell presents: Riki Tiki Rave
9pm-12am, Campbell Hall

Saturday, January 14:
Sackville Farmers Market
9am-1pm, Bridge Street

Saturday, January 14:
Back to the Stacks ft. DJ SHUB | Classic Roots
9:30pm, Ralph Pickard Bell Library

Sunday, January 15:
Swan Pond Skate & Sledding
3:30-5:30pm, Swan Pond (weather pending)

Sunday, January 15:
Snow Sculpture winners announced at 9pm

January 15-23, 2016

Friday, January 15:
Paper Lions Pre-Bash with DJ FRD. (Wet/Dry event)
10pm, WMSC

Saturday, January 16:
Charlottetown Islanders at Moncton Wildcats
4pm (Bus will leave Chapel at 2pm)
Tickets are $10**

Saturday, January 16:
FCB: Paper Lions
Jennings Hall – 9pm
Tickets are $10*

Sunday, January 17th:
Winter Clubs & Societies Fair
Tweedie Hall – 2-4pm

Sunday, January 17:
Quidditch Tournament
Athletic Centre Gym – 2pm
Sign-up required**

Tuesday, January 19th:
Skate on Swan Pond
Swan Pond – 7pm

Wednesday, January 20th:
Tunnel Tours
Wallace McCain Student Centre – 6:30pm
Sign-up required***

Thursday, January 21st:
Winter Carnival Trivia
The Pond – 10pm

Saturday, January 23rd:
Mini-Stick Hockey Tournament
WMSC Room 125 – 1pm
Sign-up required**

Saturday, January 23:
CHMA & MASU Presents: Craig Cardiff
Live at Vogue Theatre – 2pm

*Tickets [and registration for Wildcats game] payable in the MASU office ** Quidditch, team of 7 and name; Mini Sticks, team of 5 and name // Email *** Email for tours

Above: Paper Lions performance and interview. Directed by Jonah Landry. 


January 30-February 2, 2013

ALL events are all ages (wet/dry) and FREE for all MASU members! Recommended $1 donation on Saturday for Grassroots Soccer!

Wednesday, January 30:
Flint Improv – 9pm
@ The Pond

Thursday, January 31:
Brew & A with the MASU Executives – 9pm
Followed by Trivia! – 10pm
BOTH @ The Pond

Friday, February 1:
Tom Fun Orchestra opened by Michael Duguay & Bong Jovi – 10pm
@ Gracie’s Cafe

Saturday, February 2:
Keys N’ Krates opened by DJ FRD – 10pm
MARDI GRAS Theme @ The Pond
VIP Entrance for ALL ticket holders from Windsor’s Mardi Gras (Back door of the solarium)